NST Acronyms

The following table list the acronyms used throughout the NST:

Macro Acronym Full Text
@acroAC() AC Alternating Current
@acroACL() ACL Access Control List
@acroADSB() ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast
@acroAES() AES Advanced Encryption Standard
@acroAH() AH Authentication Header
@acroAIM() AIM AOL Instant Messenger
@acroAMT() AMT Active Management Technology - Intel vPro out of band management feature (like IPMI)
@acroALSA() ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
@acroANSI() ANSI American National Standards Institute
@acroAOL() AOL America OnLine - Global Internet Service
@acroAP() AP Access Point
@acroAPI() API Application Programming Interface
@acroARM() ARM Advanced RISC Machine
@acroARP() ARP Address Resolution Protocol
@acroAARP() AARP AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
@acroAJAX() AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
@acroAS() AS Autonomous System
@acroASNo() ASN Autonomous System Number
@acroASCII() ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
@acroASN() ASN Abstract Syntax Notation One
@acroATA() ATA AT Attachment
@acroAUP() AUP Acceptable Use Policy
@acroBLE() BLE Bluetooth Low Energy
@acroBIOS() BIOS Basic Input/Output System
@acroBGP() BGP Border Gateway Protocol
@acroBMC() BMC Baseboard Management Controller
@acroBOOTP() BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol
@acroBSS() BSS Basic Service Set
@acroBSSID() BSSID Basic Service Set Identifier
@acroBZIP2() BZIP2 Lossless Data Compression Algorithm
@acroC() C Programming Language: C
@acroCCM() CCM Counter Mode with CBC-MAC (a authenticated encryption algorithm)
@acroCD() CD Compact Disc
@acroCERT() CERT Computer Emergency Response Team
@acroCFE() CFE Common Firmware Environment
@acroCGI() CGI Common Gateway Interface
@acroCIDR() CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing
@acroCIRA() CIRA Client Initiated Remote Access
@acroCLI() CLI Command Line Interface
@acroCIFS() CIFS Common Internet File System
@acroCMOS() CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor
@acroCMS() CMS Content Management Systems
@acroCPU() CPU Central Processing Unit
@acroCRC() CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
@acroCRT() CRT Cathode Ray Tube
@acroCSS() CSS Cascading Style Sheets
@acroCSV() CSV Comma Separated Values
@acroCTS() CTS Clear To Send
@acroCUPS() CUPS Common UNIX Printing System
@acroCVS() CVS Concurrent Versions System
@acroDC() DC Direct Current
@acroDCD() DCD Data Carrier Detect
@acroDCE() DCE Data Communications Equipment
@acroDHCP() DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
@acroDMI() DMI Desktop Management Interface
@acroDMZ() DMZ De Militarized Zone
@acroDNF() DNF Dandified YUM (Yellowdog Updater Modified)
@acroDNS() DNS Domain Name System
@acroDNSSD() DNS-SD DNS-based Service Discovery
@acroDOM() DOM Document Object Model
@acroDOCSIS() DOCSIS Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
@acroDOS() DOS Denial of Service
@acroDOT() DOT Graph Description Language
@acroDPI() DPI Dots Per Inch
@acroDS() DS Datagram Service
@acroDSL() DSL Digital Subscriber Line
@acroDSR() DSR Data Set Ready
@acroDTE() DTE Data Terminal Equipment
@acroDTR() DTR Data Terminal Ready
@acroDVD() DVD Digital Versatile Disc
@acroEAP() EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol
@acroEFI() EFI Extensible Firmware Interface
@acroESP() ESP Encapsulating Security Protocol
@acroeLOM() eLOM embedded Lights Out Manager
@acroFRU() FRU Field Replaceable Unit
@acroFAQ() FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
@acroFQDN() FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name
@acroFTP() FTP File Transfer Protocol
@acroGB() GB GigaByte
@acroGiB() GiB GibiByte
@acroGBIC() GBIC Gigabit Interface Converter
@acroGDM() GDM GNOME Display Manager
@acroGNU() GNU GNU's Not Unix
@acroGNOME() GNOME GNU Network Object Module Environment
@acroGPS() GPS Global Positioning System
@acroGPL() GPL GNU General Public License
@acroGRE() GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation
@acroGUI() GUI Graphical User Interface
@acroGIF() GIF Graphics Interchange Format
@acroGS() GS GhostScript
@acroGSA() GSA Greenbone Security Assistant
@acroGUID() GUID Global Unique IDentifier
@acroGVMD() GVMD Greenbone Vulnerability Manager
@acroGZIP() GZIP GNU Data Compression Algorithm
@acroHAL() HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer
@acroHSRP() HSRP Hot Standby Router Protocol
@acroHTML() HTML HyperText Markup Language
@acroHTTP() HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
@acroHTTPS() HTTPS HyperText Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer
@acroI2C() I2C Inter-Integrated Circuit
@acroIAB() IAB Individual Address Block
@acroIBSS() IBSS Independent Basic Service Set
@acroICMP() ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
@acroICMPv4() ICMPv4 Internet Control Message Protocol version 4
@acroICMPv6() ICMPv6 Internet Control Message Protocol version 6
@acroIDE() IDE Integrated Drive Electronics
@acroIDER() IDE-R AMT Integrated Drive Electronics Redirect
@acroIDS() IDS Intrusion Detection System
@acroIE() IE Internet Explorer
@acroIEC() IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
@acroIEEE() IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
@acroIFTTT() IFTTT If This Then That
@acroIIS() IIS Internet Information Services
@acroILOM() ILOM Integrated Lights Out Manager
@acroIMAP() IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
@acroIO() I/O Input/Output
@acroIP() IP Internet Protocol
@acroIPC() IPC Inter-Process Communication
@acroIPMI() IPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface
@acroIPP() IPP Internet Printing Protocol
@acroIPS() IPS Intrusion Prevention System
@acroIPsec() IPsec Internet Protocol Security
@acroIPv4() IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4
@acroIPv6() IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6
@acroIPX() IPX Internetwork Packet eXchange
@acroIRQ() IRQ Interrupt ReQuest
@acroISO() ISO International Organization for Standardization
@acroIT() IT Information Technology
@acroISP() ISP Internet Service Provider
@acroISO9660() ISO9660 ISO File System Format For CD/DVD Media
@acroIV() IV Initialization Vector
@acroJava() Java The Java Programming Language
@acroJavaScript() JavaScript The JavaScript Programming Language
@acroJPEG() JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
@acroJSON() JSON JavaScript Object Notation
@acroKB() kB KiloByte
@acroKiB() KiB KibiByte
@acroKML() KML Keyhole Markup Language
@acroKMZ() KMZ Keyhole Markup Language Compressed
@acroKVM() KVM Keyboard Video and Mouse
@acroLAN() LAN Local Area Network
@acroLinux() Linux The Linux Operating System
@acroLCD() LCD Liquid Crystal Display
@acroLDAP() LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
@acroLFPT() LFPT Link Fault Pass-Through
@acroLLC() LLC Logical Link Control
@acroLVM2() LVM2 Logical Volume Management 2
@acroMAC() MAC Media Access Control
@acroMacOSX() macOS The Apple Mac Operating System
@acromacOS() macOS The Apple Mac Operating System
@acroMB() MB MegaByte
@acroMiB() MiB MebiByte
@acroMD5() MD5 MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
@acromDNS() mDNS Multicast Domain Name System
@acroMSF() MSF Metasploit Framework
@acroMIME() MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
@acroMPLS() MPLS MultiProtocol Label Switching
@acroMSDOS() MSDOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
@acroMTA() MTA Mail Transport Agent
@acroMTR() MTR Scapy Multi-Traceroute
@acroMUA() MUA Mail User Agent
@acroNAS() NAS Network Attached Storage
@acroNAT() NAT Network Address Translation
@acroNetBIOS() NetBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System
@acroNFS() NFS Network File System
@acroNIC() NIC Network Interface Card
@acroNIS() NIS Network Information Service
@acroNMB() NMB NetBIOS Message Block protocol
@acroNodeJS() NodeJS Open-Source, Cross-Platform, JavaScript Runtime Environment
@acroNPM() NPM Node Package Manager
@acroNS() NS Name Service
@acroNSE() NSE Nmap Scripting Engine
@acroNST() NST Network Security Toolkit
@acroNSTPro() NST Pro Network Security Toolkit Professional
@acroNSTUSC() NST USC Network Security Toolkit Unified Security Console
@acroNSTWIKI() NST Wiki Network Security Toolkit Wiki
@acroNSTWUI() NST WUI Network Security Toolkit Web User Interface
@acroNTA() NTA Network Traffic Analysis
@acronDPI() nDPI ntop Deep Packet Inspection Library
@acroNTP() NTP Network Time Protocol
@acroNTFS() NTFS New Technology File System
@acroNVT() NVT OpenVAS Network Vulnerability Test
@acroOCI() OCI Open Container Initiative
@acroOID() OID Object IDentifier
@acroONC() ONC Open Network Computing
@acroOMP() OMP OpenVAS Management Protocol
@acroOS() OS Operating System
@acroOSINT() OSINT Open Source Intelligence
@acroOTP() OTP OpenVAS Transfer Protocol
@acroOUI() OUI Organizationally Unique Identifier
@acropcap() pcap Packet Capture
@acroPAT() PAT Port Address Translation
@acroPATA() PATA Parallel ATA
@acroPB() PB PetaByte
@acroPiB() PiB PebiByte
@acroPC() PC Personal Computer
@acroPCI() PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
@acroPCM() PCM Pulse-Code Modulation
@acroPCS() PCS Personal Communications Service
@acroPDF() PDF Portable Document Format
@acroPDML() PDML Packet Description Markup Language
@acroPGP() PGP Pretty Good Privacy
@acroPHP() PHP PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
@acroPID() PID Process IDentifier
@acroPNG() PNG Portable Network Graphics
@acroPOC() POC Point Of Contact
@acroPOP() POP Post Office Protocol
@acroPPD() PPD PostScript Printer Description
@acroPPP() PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
@acroPPPoE() PPPoE PPP over Ethernet
@acroPS() PS PostScript
@acroPSK() PSK Pre-Shared Key
@acroPSML() PSML Packet Summary Markup Language
@acroPTR() PTR DNS Pointer Record
@acroRI() RI Ring Indicator
@acroRAM() RAM Random Access Memory
@acroRAID() RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disks
@acroRAMFS() RAMFS RAM File System - SYSFS
@acroRAR() RAR Roshal ARchive - Data Compression And Archival Format
@acroRARP() RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
@acroRISC() RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing
@acroRMCP() RMCP Remote Management Control Protocol
@acroROM() ROM Read Only Memory
@acroRDC() RDC Remote Desktop Connection
@acroRDP() RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
@acroRFB() RFB Remote Frame Buffer
@acroRIP() RIP Routing Information Protocol
@acroRIPng() RIPng Routing Information Protocol next generation
@acroRPC() RPC Remote Procedure Call
@acroRPM() RPM RPM Package Manager
@acroRSS() RSS Really Simple Syndication
@acroRSVP() RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol
@acroRTLSDR() RTL-SDR Realtek Software Defined Radio Controller
@acroRTP() RTP Real-Time Transport Protocol
@acroRTS() RTS Request To Send
@acroRTT() RTT Round-Trip Time
@acroRxD() RxD Receive Data
@acroSAN() SAN Storage Area Network
@acroSAS() SAS Serial Attached SCSI
@acroSAT() SAT SCSI-ATA Command Translation
@acroSATA() SATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
@acroSCAP() SCAP OpenVAS Security Content Automation Protocol
@acroSCSI() SCSI Small Computer System Interface
@acroSDR() SDR Software Defined Radio
@acroSEO() SEO Search Engine Optimization
@acroSFP() SFP Small Form-Factor Pluggable
@acroSGML() SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
@acroSHA() SHA Secure Hash Algorithm
@acroSI() SI International System of Units
@acroSIP() SIP Session Initiation Protocol
@acroSMB() SMB Server Message Block protocol
@acroSMTP() SMTP Simple Mail Transport Protocol
@acroSNMP() SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
@acroSNMPTRAP() SNMPTRAP Simple Network Management Protocol Trap Service
@acroSOC() SOC System On a Chip
@acroSOL() SOL Serial over LAN
@acroSPA() SPA Single Packet Authorization
@acroSPAN() SPAN Switch Port ANalyzer
@acroSQL() SQL Structured Query Language
@acroSSH() SSH Secure SHell
@acroSSI() SSI Server Side Includes
@acroSSL() SSL Secure Socket Layer
@acroSSID() SSID Service Set Identifier
@acroSSDP() SSDP Simple Service Discovery Protocol
@acroSTA() STA Station
@acroSVG() SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
@acroSVN() SVN Subversion
@acroSYSFS() SYSFS A Linux Virtual File System
@acroTACACS() TACACS Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System
@acroTAP() TAP Network Test Access Point
@acroTAR() TAR Tape ARchive Format
@acroTB() TB TeraByte
@acroTiB() TiB TebiByte
@acroTCP() TCP Transmission Control Protocol
@acroTFTP() TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol
@acroTKIP() TKIP Temporal Key Integrity Protocol
@acroTLS() TLS Transport Layer Security
@acroTMPFS() TMPFS Temporary File System
@acroTTL() TTL Time To Live (IP Protocol)
@acroTxD() TxD Transmit Data
@acroTXT() TXT Intel Trusted Execution Technology
@acroUDP() UDP User Datagram Protocol
@acroUEFI() UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface
@acroUNIX() UNIX The UNIX Operating System
@acroUI() UI User Interface
@acroUPnP() UPnP Universal Plug and Play
@acroURI() URI Uniform Resource Identifier
@acroURL() URL Uniform Resource Locator
@acroURN() URN Uniform Resource Name
@acroURS() URS Update Rule Site
@acroUSB() USB Universal Serial Bus
@acroUTC() UTC Coordinated Universal Time
@acroUSENIX() USENIX The Advanced Computing Systems Associations
@acroUUID() UUID Universally Unique IDentifier
@acroVM() VM Virtual Machine
@acroVNC() VNC Virtual Network Computing
@acrovPro() vPro Intel PC featuring multi-core, out of band management (AMT), security and virtualization
@acroWAN() WAN Wide Area Network
@acroWebDAV() WebDAV Web-based Distributed Authoring And Versioning
@acroWEP() WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy
@acroWindows() Windows The Windows Operating System
@acroWPA() WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access
@acroWPA2() WPA2 Wi-Fi Protected Access 2
@acroWS() WS WebSocket
@acroWSS() WSS WebSocket Security
@acroWUI() WUI Web User Interface
@acroWIDS() WIDS Wireless Intrusion Detection System
@acroWIFI() WIFI Wi-Fi Alliance
@acroX() X X Window
@acroXML() XML Extensible Markup Language
@acroXSL() XSL Extensible Stylesheet Language
@acroXSLT() XSLT Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
@acroYUM() YUM Yellowdog Updater Modified
@acroYML() YML Yet Another Markup Language
@acroZIP() ZIP A Data Compression And Archival Format