Browser JavaScript Information

When writing HTML/JavaScript code, one often has to deal with browser specific issues. This page displays information according to the JavaScript interpreter used by your browser.

If you are looking for a programmer's reference to the JavaScript language, try the following links:

Firefox will allow one to pull up a JavaScript console (Error Console) by pointing the browser at the special 'javascript:' URL.

NST JavaScript Console

When coding HTML/JavaScript, it is often desirable to have a JavaScript Console embedded within the web page as an aid for code debug and development.

 Embedded NST JavaScript Console 
  • Having a console within the web page under development makes it easier to peak at and debug JavaScript code associated with the page.
  • Embedding the console within a web page allows one to use the same tool independently of the browser being used for testing (The "NST JavaScript Console" will work for both the IE and the Firefox Web browser).

The NST authors have developed the "NST JavaScript Console" for this purpose.

JavaScript Constants And Static Functions

JavaScript Date

JavaScript MIME Types